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Window Machine – Upgrade New HardDisk/SolidStateDrive – Backup/Restore Window 10


Upgrading new hardware on a machine is common – the challenge is about making movement of entire copy of the existing image/backup of both Window OS + your documents/files/software for the movement. This is a simplified and direct step by step for this


The intention is to have a fall back repeatable procedure for self or anyone in the future – as this tend to be something most of us have to do once in a while. For this case, a new machine was bought, and we would like to replace the hard drive with Solid State Drive (SSD) for better performance.


  1. Find your existing Window 10 keys on machine

    1. Download a software for Window OS (or any other window product) keys lookup – called ProduKey
    2. Image can be similar as below
    3. Save the window OS Key
  2. Find a software to backup your window or use window Backup/Restore tools

      • Select the Start​  button, select Settings  > Update & security  > Backup  > Add a drive, and then choose an external drive or network location for your backups.
  3. Download window 10 and create an installation Media – in this case a USB bootable

      • Download tools
      • Create installation media
        • Choose USB – what we use here – Require 10GB storage USB
          • This USB will be wiped out completely clean automatically – and written with Window 10 bootable
        • or Burn a DVD
    2. USB installation bootable once completed
  4. Replace your Disk with new SSD

  5. Install window 10 on new SSD

    1. Boot your machine with new SSD with Window 10 USB bootable
    2. Ensure your BIOS boot from USB
    3. Install your window 10 from USB bootable
  6. Restore from your backup

You should be all settled now. Hope this helps