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Upgrade Drupal 6.16 to 6.17 error


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare system_main_admin_page() (previously declared in /home/ditrtra0/public_html/drupal6.16/modules/system/ in/home/ditrtra0/public_html/drupal6.16/modules/drupal-6.17/modules/system/ on line 60


– Upgrade online Drupal 6.16 to Drupal 6.17 by doing the following:

  – Download the upgrade package from site

  – Unzip the file to a folder with name Drupal6.17

  – FTP the whole folder Drupal6.17 to online site Modules folder

– After finishing the upgrade

  – Try to create a contents or view the Administer contents

  – You will see this error


Looking for a fix