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Right Mindset: There’s no reason not to work hard – because it is all you that you work for


16+ years IT professional, 20+ years’ entrepreneur, an experienced labor factory worker, a service professional, a public speaker, an IT professor, and a community advocate, Di Tran shares a scope of thought about work ethic = hard work in any situation, especially bad situation. This one aspect is a person’s right mindset, that drives the action or more specifically drives the energy, maintains the personal motivation that drives hard work.

Key Question:

“How can I maintain my motivation to work hard all day every day?”

The question with similar tones:

  • “How can I maintain my motivation to work hard when my boss is not recognizing my effort?”
  •  “Is there a reason to work hard when I can only be paid that much, not enough?”
  •  “Why should I give extra effort in this task when the business is not mine?”
  • “Di Tran, why are you working so hard and doing so much that is beyond the ask?”
  • “Di Tran, how do you manage to do so much with that many projects going on”

–         These are a question that Di Tran receives from subordinates, colleagues, and friends in both corporate work environment, private businesses, and community


The intention of this article is to share one mindset that serves as a guiding principle for self-motivation in hard work = work ethic in most situation. This mindset has been used and tested with success by Di Tran throughout his up and down in life while serving multiple positions in corporate, private businesses, non-profit community organization and as both leader and follower.


Short answers:

–         “I don’t think that I am working at all. I am researching and creating new knowledge, things that I enjoy doing very much” and

–         “I don’t see how I am not working for myself in these situations? I am working mostly for myself and creating a win-win situation for both my client (the company I am working for) and myself”

Right mindset provides a person the logical reason and a stable, repeatable and maintainable motivation throughout his/her course of work, and activities. The gist of the matter is an individual’s need of 1) ownership, 2) belonging and 3) value has to be addressed, there is always that great reason when we work.

Right Mindset

Work is never working when you treat it like an experience in life that you must be through, to be trained, to be tested, and to be brought to the next level in life. The work is rather more exciting when you start to recognize it that way, because from Di Tran’s perspective – it is exactly only that.


  • Di Tran works like a season pass card maker at 6 flags the Kentucky Kingdom during his high school year. If it is considered as work – then it is a repetitive type of works that include: say high to the customer, ask for customer general info, take a picture and print the pass
  • Di Tran took the work and treat it as an experience and an opportunity to learn. He did not English well, so he uses the opportunity to practice his English speak as well as fine tune his customer greeting skill. Di Tran did not know the English name very well, so he uses the job to get familiar with the English name. Di Tran also did not type very well with 10 fingers and computer keyboard, but only 2 fingers; one on each hand – so he uses the work to improve his typing skill

From this simple example of a very simple low paying job, Di Tran has improved his openness to talking English with other, his familiarity of English name and significantly improve this typing with 2 hands of 10 fingers. So for the basic need of ownership, belonging and value, this mindset addressed it all and kept Di Tran motivated throughout the entire work season.


We probably have seen this quote here and there “invest in yourself” all the time – in books, posts, or papers. What you can always invest in yourself are knowledge and skill. Knowledge through learning and researching. Skill is imprinted through practice. So guess what, who are you actually working for now when you work? The answer is you. The complete ownership is there at all time for you when you work hard.


Ownership feeling, the feeling of working or doing for self-interest – once this is addressed, the feeling of belonging automatically is address halfway. Belonging is dependent among many factors, and that factor can be beyond this short article. When ownership gives you 50% of your sense of belonging because you are working for yourself, then the other factors can easily bring you over 50% for you to gain the feeling of belonging you need.


Value is the sense of providing or creating value for both self and customer that the work is executed for. The sense of ownership motivates an individual to consistently creating value for self through the creation of customer values. So once again, the value can easily be achieved when ownership and belonging are addressed.

We can imagine how far this right mindset can lead a person in any role of leader or follower, big or small, and in high value or low value.

Feedback greatly appreciated, so share your thought