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Right Mindset: Software Architect architects his life via improving one small thing for everything he touches


Maintaining motivation each day and every day, then sustaining it EVERY SECOND of the day is the topic for this article. We can do this through RE-ARCHITECTING ourselves which is part of the right mindset development. Di Tran, 16+ years computer engineer, and 20 years’ multi-entrepreneur and a community advocate share his experience and the gist that assists him to drive the action or more specifically drives the energy that maintains the personal motivation that creates momentum for continuous action. The focus is self-improving.

Key Questions

“Where do I get the fuel to keep the fire in me going all day every day?”

The question with similar tones:

·        “How can I push myself up to start doing something?”

·        “Why don’t I feel energized to do what I know I want to do?”

·        “How do I get started on things I have been dreaming of doing?”

·        “How can I maintain my motivation and sustaining the drive that keeps me going on what I need to get done?”


The intention of this article is to break down a few situations when each of us tends to not want to do things and identify the gateways inside ourselves to ease us in tackling the situation WILLINGLY. WILLINGLY is the keyword, because if we cannot do willingly, there won’t be sustainability in what we do nor expectation to repeat the same good action. Breakdown the situation and RE-ARCHITECT OURSELVES in the way that works for each one of us; like we demolish a building and rearchitect it the way we want it – to enable us to act on things we needed with ease.


Short answers:

–         “JUST DO THE darn TASK and check it off your list”

–         “SMALL WIN MATTERS, get many of those small wins in a day”


Let’s refers to SMART GOALS (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) and have a quick read after this article.

The right mindset enables us to naturally pro-act/act/react to situations in life as a natural instinct, and it’s critical. Only when we can do things without thinking is when we can allow our brain to multi-task or more importantly take it to the next level – this is when EFFICIENCY comes in. Efficiency equals quality to multi-task, and if you are weird like Di Tran, you like to multi-task. To do the thing, the thing you want to do has to be DOABLE. Doable task means:

1)     The small task in terms of time – can be done in a min or two. YES, A MINUTE OR TWO

2)     Tasks you can do NOW, instantly

3)     Tasks you can utilize your current skills, abilities, and knowledge to do

Right Mindset

Regardless of how DOABLE a task is, if it is not something you want to do, then you won’t do it. So, doing everything with a purpose, and the best purpose in Di Tran’s eye are SELF-IMPROVE, and HELPING OTHERS. This matter because you can literally align these two higher purposes to everything in life. We hear these sayings often:

–         “Your number challenge in life is yourself”

–         “The person that is hardest to change is yourself”

–         “The number one obstacle that stops you from where you are to where you want to be is you”

–         “All fear goes back to the fear from within you; not outside, if you dig deep enough”

The key to dealing with ourselves is not changing ourselves; that’s right, NOT CHANGING OURSELVES, but RE-ARCHITECT it. Each of us is born with a composition of the specific DNA and elements that make us who we are, so that is not changeable in Di Tran’s perspective, but we can re-architect, re-align, re-sort and re-categorize them to MATCH THE CURRENT NEED IN LIFE that fit us best. Every part of ourselves is made for our advantage and all are strength; YES, THERE IS NO WEAKNESS IN US. We simply categorize our own unused or not-sure-how-to-use-yet assets (skill, knowledge, talent, fear, thought and …) as weakness, and it’s untrue.


–         Di Tran does not like to do dish cleaning at all, but dirty dishes come to existence every day, and after each meal, especially when his wife has a pile and pile of pots and pans after fixing a lot of good food. Cleaning a big pile of dishes put Di Tran in a mode of discomfort, and unhappy. Re-Architect himself comes in the picture, Di Tran breakdown the situation. Di Tran learned that he is fine with cleaning the dish, what he doesn’t like is a pile of dirty dishes. Besides washing pile and the pile of dishes with a sink full of them is hard to do. Re-architecting himself continued, and Di Tran figured out that if he washes dirty dish immediately as it comes in the sink, then he achieved a few key things as noted above:

1)      “Just do the darn task” – Di Tran can do it immediately because the task is DOABLE as it is small, can be done now and with least effort required

2)     “Small win matters” – Di Tran received immediate satisfaction of task completion, so he can continue, and it’s an easy task since the sink is not full

3)     “Do everything with a higher purpose” – the house is clean for the kids, while he gets to contribute to his wife’s effort of cooking (another satisfaction), and improving family happiness

4)     SELF-IMPROVE – doing this each and every day, it becomes natural instinct to Di Tran besides he gets to spend time to talk to his wife (in this busy life with 3 babies, it’s hard sometimes to talk to your spouse). When his wife is not around, Di Tran read an audiobook while cleaning, so that is multi-task in self-improvement.

5)     HELPING OTHERS – doing things beyond for yourself, in this case, is for both the kids and wife. It feels really good.


Ask the question of what value we can add to everything we do. There is always something small that we can improve in ourselves, others, or the environment that we do the thing in. Writing this article is no different; Di Tran is improving himself in the way he shares knowledge; it is part of improving his communication skill via writing. Purposefully this is hopeful to add some value to the reader that then improve a very small aspect of his/her life too.

Feedback greatly appreciated, so share your thought