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Developing user interface in .NET framework with XML style code called XAML along with supporting code behind of C sharp, VB DotNet

Silverlight/WPF Datagrid Paging on Scrolling

    Datagrid rendering slow performance:
        – Too much data to render on Datagrid WHILE virtualization DOESN'T WORK.
        Two cases in which datagrid default virtualization doesn't work
        1) Styling to the root of each child item within the datagrid such as below:

WPF Drag and Drop feature

 Implement the drag and drop within WPF application with sample code
Steps to Do Drag and Drop in WPF
1) Have a control that allow Drag
  –  Implemenation for the DRAG DATA with two events below on control that allow the draw:
  1) PreviewMouseLeftButtonDown
   – Simply to know where you are when you first click the button

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